Goole Town Council operate a number of allotments in Goole which are available to rent by members of the public.


Allotment gardening provides a wide range of benefits to individuals, communities and the environment including:

  • Access to fresh fruit and vegetables
  • An opportunity to get fresh air and exercise
  • A chance to find solitude and to meet new friends
  • A means of reducing ‘food miles’.

We currently manage 9 allotment sites totalling 291 allotments across the town, with one site at Ilkeston Avenue managed by an Allotment Association on our behalf.

Allotment Locations

Apply for an allotment

To apply for an allotment, please contact Vickie Garner on 01405 763652 or email 

Applicants must be aged 18 years or over and live in Goole. (Proof of age and residence will be required for all new tenants).

Please note that for allotment sites which are not managed by Goole Town Council, you will need to contact the owning organisation to apply for a plot.

Allotment rent period

The allotment rent period runs from 1st April to 31st March and tenants will receive their bill at the beginning of April. Tenants will have 1 month to pay their rent, after which an additional £5.00 administration fee will applied.

Rents are dependent on the size of the allotment and vary from £11.50 to £99.06 per year. Sites with a water supply also include a £15 water charge for the year.

A refundable £100 bond is payable upon signing the tenancy.  This will be returned providing the allotment is in the same or better condition from when you took on the tenancy.

How to pay for our allotment plots

You can either pay in person at Junction or pay by card by calling 01405 763652.

Our Allotment Rules

The rules are set out in our current Allotment Tenancy Agreement, these rules have been in force since January 2013. Tenants who started a tenancy before that date will fall under a variety of different rules, which are set out in the specific tenancy agreement that they signed when they took over their plot.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the criteria to apply for an allotment in Goole?

    You need to be a permanent resident within the administrative boundary of Goole and be a minimum of 18 years of age.

  • How long will I have to wait for an allotment?

    Allotments are offered on a ‘first come, first served’ basis and a waiting list is held for each allotment site. It is impossible to determine a waiting time, as allotment plots usually only become available when an existing tenant gives up their tenancy.

  • Can I share my tenancy with someone else?

    Yes, a tenancy can be put in two names.

  • Do I need permission to erect any type of building?

    Permission is required to erect any type building on an allotment as only certain types and sizes of buildings are allowed.  Do not assume the presence of buildings on other plots will automatically mean you can have the same type/size as they may be there through historical rights held by long serving plot holders.  If you erect any buildings without seeking prior permission, you may be required to remove them or face eviction.

  • Can I keep livestock?

    You must contact us if you are thinking about keeping any animals on your plot as only certain types are permitted and a maximum of 6 livestock is allowed. You should not assume the presence of animals on other plots will automatically mean you can keep the same type of animal on your plot as the other animals may be there through historical rights held by long serving plot holders. If you bring animals onto your plot without seeking permission, you may be required to remove them or face eviction.

  • Do I have to grow fruit and vegetables throughout the year?

    As a minimum, we expect new tenants to cultivate their plot during the main spring to autumn season and for it to be actively used throughout the year. Active use includes growing but can also include preparing the ground for cultivation or doing routine maintenance jobs like strimming back uncultivated areas, tidying up, and sorting out items retained for re-use.

  • Can I have bonfires?

    Bonfires are not banned, however, it is essential that they do not cause nuisance to surrounding residents. The general guidance points below should be followed if you do intent to have a bonfire on your plot:

    • Keep bonfires to a minimum.
    • Only have a bonfire if it does not affect neighbours and nearby residents (be aware of wind direction and whether other plot holders on the site have had a fire recently).
    • Only burn waste generated on your plot and try to use a device that will contain the fire, for example, an incinerator bin.
    • Always have quick burning fires, using dry materials and allow it to burn out whilst you’re still present on site.
    • Do not burn household rubbish, tyres, plastic or foam materials or similar as many of these give off toxic fumes and dense smoke.
    • Do not burn rubbish from a business on an allotment.
    • Do not leave a bonfire unattended.
    • Do not allow the bonfire to burn overnight.
    • Be ready to put the fire out if you receive any complaints.
  • Reporting an illegally lit fire

    To report an illegally lit fire, please contact Vickie Garner in strict confidence on 01405 763652 or email