Town Council

Goole Town Council was created in 1982 with its first Councillors taking office in May, 1983.

Town Council

The Town Council provides additional local services which do not fall under the jurisdiction of East Riding of Yorkshire Council, namely the cemetery, allotments, markets, parks & gardens and Junction Theatre.

The Council has 17 Councillors representing 5 wards and currently consists of:

  • 15 Independent Councillors
  • 1   Conservative
  • 1   Liberal democrat

Elections take place every 4 years with the elections having just taken place in May, 2023.

As well as Full Council, the Council has 2 standing committees:-

Policy and Resources Committee, chaired by Councillor Kevin Flynn, which meets monthly and, Planning Committee, chaired by Councillor Chris Bailey, which meets monthly.

Electors of Goole are allowed to speak on planning applications prior to the commencement of the meeting for a maximum of 5 minutes.

Full Council takes place each month and is chaired by the Mayor.

Electors of Goole are allowed to speak prior to the commencement of Council for a maximum of 5 minutes.

The Council currently has the following Working Parties:

Environmental Working Party consisting of:

  • Cllr. D. Jeffreys
  • Cllr. R. Kilcoyne
  • Cllr. L. Moiser
  • Council Officers: G. Whitehead,  P. Batten
  • Council Staff:  H. Tawn, S. Gilroy Simpson

Working Parties meet on an ad hoc basis and are not open to the public. Working Parties have no executive powers and make recommendations to the Council’s Policy and Resources Committee.